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Inspirational images ?>

Inspirational images

Spurred by something Andy told me about my attitude to the station, I made this image. It’s just a pity I can’t print it out. Font: Travelling Typewriter Image from Flickr  

Clean house is clean ?>

Clean house is clean

As I mentioned before I’ve had loads of free time so I’ve been spring cleaning! I’ve gone through the bathroom, the kitchen, the hall and the lounge so far making sure I’ve cleaned under and inside things that don’t usually get done, like behind the bathroom sink, and inside the oven. I’ve also been finding homes for things that have gotten pushed to one side and forgotten about. I also managed to hoover under the bed, an effort that took me…

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Update-ificate ?>


So, I haven’t written a blog post in, lyke, forEVA. I guess that’s what happens when you’re actually busy – living starts and recording stops. But now I have (mostly) all the time in the world. Why? Because I got made redundant from my post at Millets. The new owners of the business decided for whatever reason that our store needed to be closed. It’s been about a week since the store officially closed, but for some reason it feels…

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On Sucking It Up, And Stepping Up ?>

On Sucking It Up, And Stepping Up

I may have mentioned this before, but the one thing that 2011 taught me is that, by turns, I am too reactive and whiny, and not as assertive as I should be. Enough people (station people, my boss, my husband etc) have said this to me that I’m being forced to accept that they might be right. But, instead of bitching about it, I’m going ‘man the fuck up’ (as Wizzo so aptly puts it), accept there is something lacking with…

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Obligatory New Years Post ?>

Obligatory New Years Post

TBH last year seems to be a bit of a whirl now, I don’t really remember much. It was the year we mourned the passing of GRN and celebrated the opening of G3 Radio, and meeting all the G3 staff at i43. It was the year we had our first joint holiday with the Sullivans for ages, and the year my brother got a new g/f. It was the year Andy learnt to drive, and I resigned as Dorset ML…

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The busy busy bee goes buzz buzz buzz ?>

The busy busy bee goes buzz buzz buzz

      Yes, it’s that time of year again. As well as my G3 Station Managerial duties I’ll be writing a 50,000 word novel. Yes I am kinda crazy. So FYI don’t expect many updates in November 😛                    

‘He’s watching over you’ ?>

‘He’s watching over you’

This will more than likely make sound quite nuts, but given some recent events, I’ve been thinking a lot about supernatural protectors. You know what I mean – Lady Luck, guardian angels, protection spirits, ancestor ghosts, personal deities. Whatever you want to call them, I’m kind of thinking they might be real. You see, ever since I fell and hit my head on the way to work, I’ve had tremendous luck in avoiding any further incidents. I thought it was just fluke, but I recently had another one…

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All radio, all the time ?>

All radio, all the time

Once again, another week has passed me by in a flurry of ‘I was meant to do what again? Oh too late >.< If you couldn’t guess from the post title why this is so, I’ll give you a hint: it contains the letter G and the number 3. Yes, campers, radio has taken hold of me and sucked all my time away. Transition is never an easy thing, but my taking over from Dan R seems to be harder…

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The year rolls on ?>

The year rolls on

I managed to miss my blog post for last week, sorry about that. But what I was going to write about last week is no less true this week. There is a definite chill in the air and the trees are starting to turn. The kids are back at school and the dorchester show has been and gone. All this means one thing – the year is turning again. The sun is dying it’s slow death, winter is coming, and…

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