‘There aren’t any girls on the internet’

My gods, I am so sick of the above comment. I know it’s usually meant in jest, but when it’s followed up with ‘tits of gtfo’ (verbatim quote) that just makes it worse. This is my community, the one I helped build. G3 Radio is supposed to be about equality and fairness, so how come … Continue reading ‘There aren’t any girls on the internet’


BTW, if anyone finds they can’t comment on any of my posts, it’s because I’m getting so much spammage that I had to basically close comments. Sorry 🙁 Though, if you e-mail me I could always add you to my ‘approved’ list. might just take a bit of sorting.


I was just looking through my photos. As in actual physical, on card from film type photos and it struck me how much our tech has changed, even in the time I’ve been alive. My first camera was an inherited thing I got when I was about eight, similar to the above, with a large … Continue reading Photos

Another web trek

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I was bored. Didn’t get very far, because it seems like most of the links on various of these sites are outdated now 🙁 Anyway, the trek: The Englisc Fanlisting >> Yummy Yummy Screw >> Ice-Pearls >> Northern Star >> Motorcyle Emptiness >> Super Green … Continue reading Another web trek