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All radio, all the time

All radio, all the time

Once again, another week has passed me by in a flurry of ‘I was meant to do what again? Oh too late >.<

If you couldn’t guess from the post title why this is so, I’ll give you a hint: it contains the letter G and the number 3.

Yes, campers, radio has taken hold of me and sucked all my time away. Transition is never an easy thing, but my taking over from Dan R seems to be harder on some staff than others, and consiquently all my time atm seems to be spent sorting out petty squables. There are a few legitimate concerns, and people wanting permision to do things but mostly it’s people just being baffling that is getting to me.

But I don’t like dwelling on those. I’m also looking towards the future of the station. A lot of the things I have in planning are designed to make life easier for the managers – restricting permisions, tracking and logging everything. So much of when we started out fell under the heading of ‘it’ll do for now’, because we weren’t even sure if we’d last a month let alone a year. Now we’re taking a fresh look at things, the way other services have been jerry-rigged and tacked on, just seems terrible. Even if it isn’t apprent to our users, it looks bad to us. I really want to look at making the station and all it’s disparate elements a single coheasive unit. But it’s going to take so much work, and time and talking I’m not gonna have any time for anything else.

But it’s exciting and the number of people who’ve asked to put me as a CV refference further convinces me that putting my time, money and soul into this thing is gonna be worth it. Who knows, maybe I’ll eventually make my money back?



So I’m back from insomnia43. In case you couldn’t tell from the thread title I’m still am little tired and spaced out. I had a good time. I think. TBH I don’t really remember all that much, and what I do recall is me being stressed and people shouting at me to de-stress 😀 There are a couple of videos of us doing various silly things that will be posted to the G3 Radio site at some point in the future. Though I do recall that this has to be the most incident packed insomnia event I’ve ever attended. So many things went wrong and all to one person 🙁 But that’s mostly fixed now.

In other news I’m finally now running wordpress 3.2.1, after Dark migrated all our sites at GeekCoalition over to a new server that textdrive gave us 3 years ago >.<

I think that’s all really from me atm. I’ma go back to bed now…

‘There aren’t any girls on the internet’

‘There aren’t any girls on the internet’

My gods, I am so sick of the above comment.

I know it’s usually meant in jest, but when it’s followed up with ‘tits of gtfo’ (verbatim quote) that just makes it worse. This is my community, the one I helped build. G3 Radio is supposed to be about equality and fairness, so how come the girls are still treated like they’re mystical fictional beings? No one is saying to the gay couple: ‘buttsex pics or gtfo’. That would be horribly rude and offensive, so what makes the above any more acceptable?

I shouldn’t have to prove I’m a girl and neither should anyone else, just because we happen to enjoy video games, or coding or fantasy fiction or pen&paper roleplay games. It should just be taken as a given that I am a person who enjoys these things, what’s between my legs has no bearing on my hobbies. We aren’t even that rare, so why even have the distinction? I am a DJ, not a ‘girl’ DJ. I am a gamer not a ‘girl’ gamer.

Sure. my brain works slightly differently to yours, but that just makes me better at certain things. I can hand you your ass over organization any day, even if you can hand me mine with lifting that bag of cables and mic stands. Those are the differences that make us a better team than if you have a penis and I do not.

So you know what? Manners or GTFO.

Making the Change

Making the Change

So you may have noticed things are looking a little different around here. For instance, five blogs have now become one. The theme has certainly changed; green to pale orange is pretty unmissable.

But most of the changes will not been seen by you, my dear readers. They are, as they say, under the bonnet.

The very observant among you might even have noticed the absence of the usual ‘b2Evolution’ logo, to be replaced by a ‘wordpress’ one. Yes, that’s right. I’ve finally changed my blogging software.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked b2Evo, but WP is just so much better. It’s more intuitive, easier, slicker and, most important to me, has a working akismet plug-in. No more trailing through referral and comment pages, weeding out the spam by hand, it’s all automated 🙂

This probably doesn’t mean that much to you who read these posts, but it makes a hella lot of difference to me. And less time weeding out spam mean I have more time to actually devote to writing posts!

… I mean, don’t hold ya breath or anything, but there might be more regular updates in the cards 😉 So take a look around, rediscover content, update your rss feeds and stay tuned 🙂


The Radio Thing

The Radio Thing

As some of you know, Total Gaming radio closed down a while back. For those who don’t, TGR was the internet radio station that homed a weekly geek/ gaming show that I hosted with Dark, Lorc, Crace and some others. We called it the G3 Show: The Gay, the Geek, and The girl. We were proud of it and we had so much fun entertaining our listeners, that when the news came through about TGR we were all really upset. But not for long.

You see we decided we would not go quietly into the aether, and hatched a cunning plan to start our own station!

And we have!

It’s called G3 Radio in honour of our old show and I’m mega excited about it. Scared too of course – the legislation we have to adhere to is frightening, as is the worry that it could all flop terribly and we’d have wasted our time and money. But you know what? Right now I don’t care so much about that. We’re gonna give it our best and if it fails then feh, so what, we will have had fun doing it 🙂

So why don’t you pop on over, take a look around the site, maybe listen in of an evening? We’re really quite friendly and you can chat to us in IRC or join us on our minecraft server. And if you really enjoy yourself, you can get involved too, be it as a presenter yourself or some of the background crew 🙂



BTW, if anyone finds they can’t comment on any of my posts, it’s because I’m getting so much spammage that I had to basically close comments. Sorry 🙁

Though, if you e-mail me I could always add you to my ‘approved’ list. might just take a bit of sorting.



I was just looking through my photos. As in actual physical, on card from film type photos and it struck me how much our tech has changed, even in the time I’ve been alive.

My first camera was an inherited thing I got when I was about eight, similar to the above, with a large plastic body that took film cartridges. The photos it produced were 10mm square. My compositions where pretty shit to be honest, but I took that camera everywhere and I took photos of everything.

After that died, I once again inherited my brother camera that took standard loading cartridge. I think I managed to kill that one by getting water in the view finder…

Then, when I was mid-teens, my parents bought me a proper camera that took fancy new APS cartridges. After the last accident, I made sure that it was a waterproof one. The one below, in fact.

This camera lasted me right up until I was in my early 20s, when the digital revolution was happening. I went out and bought myself my current digital camera:

I still have this one, and it served me well, if with interesting images sometimes, until I got my HTC Dream last year. FYI, that isn’t a camera. It’s a smart phone with a camera attached, that happened to be better than my actual camera.

And so, in twenty years (maybe a little less) we’ve gone from simplistic cameras to having tiny ones embedded in our mobile phones. I wonder how we’ll be taking photos in the next twenty years?

A new bookmark and an old one re-mastered

A new bookmark and an old one re-mastered

I’ve made another new bookmark:

and remastered an old one, so that it’s horizontal rather than vertical:

Since I’m aiming for one bookmark per book, I’ve just created 6 more IRL. Seriously thinking about investing in some card that will go through the printer and a guillotine.